New sketch book! #sketchbook #illustration #mint

Listening to a lot of Electric Tiger Lily


Yesterday was fantastic! Thanks for coming out! #illustration #neighborhoodtheatre

Doing some last minute everything for the show tomorrow!!

Been reading Felipe Smiths #ghostrider and this happened

Getting super excited for my show on July 10, at the Neighborhood Theatre! Be sure to come out for it! #neighborhoodtheatre

Be sure to stop today at the Fillmore for #vtgclt pop up market!!!

Trying something new for #vtgclt and I sincerely hope there are pun people showing up Saturday!

Just summer sketching #summer

It doesn’t look it, but there is some grade A organizing going on here. Writing up inventory for #vtgclt and I can’t believe it’s almost here!

So happy I got to work with the extremely talented @jenstarsinic! Her music is amazing and I hope my design did her talent justice! #music #lettering

What a lovely afternoon to contemplate your mortality! Got a new brush! @timoillo #skull #ink

Hey guys if you’re at Animazement come check us out at G05 and G06! #fanart #animazement #raleigh

Anonymous Asked
QuestionHow much are you going to sell your prints for? Answer

Small Prints will be from $6-$10 and the bigger prints will be from $15-$20! I’m pretty will to negotiate especially if there are multiple purchases!